Beads in my life

I am fascinated by beads and I love exploring the historical and cultural stories of beads, bead weaving and design. Cultural references to the decorative arts are really important to my work. Whether it's a piece of fabric in a museum display, an artifact I encounter in travels or see in a book, it plants a seed that eventually becomes a pattern or design. I love watching how textures, colors and shapes combine to form something new.

At first, my work was only for me; I gave away or wore whatever I made. The pleasure of creating with glass, metal and stone beads was - and remains - a powerful experience. 

Gradually, as  I saturated my friends and family with hand-made pieces, I decided to find other outlets for my beadwork. Bead Dreams Design was born. The name is apt, because I often fall asleep thinking of new designs, or the challenges of a particular project. I really do dream about beads.

My professional life was rooted in literacy, education and libraries. Bead Dreams Design gives me the opportunity to continue that connection by using a percentage of the profits from my jewelry sales to support Room to Read. I was inspired by Room to Read founder John Woods and his vision is a perfect match for my own interests and beliefs. Find out more about the amazing Room to Read organization by clicking on the Thinking Out Loud Blog and Room to Read tabs at the top of this page.